Generate New Tracking Code
Generate New Tracking Code

How it works

We generate an image with a unique tracking code that you copy and paste into your craigslist ad. The image to the right will appear in your craigslist posting (premium tracking codes do not display an image - click here to find out more).

When people visit your ad, our server is notified and saves their ip address, location, and browser info.

Our servers tabulate the information into useful graphs and maps so that you can easily analyze your ads performance.

How to install tracking codes

Installing tracking codes is a snap. We have both a detailed article and video explaining the steps.

Do I need to create an account?

Creating an account lets you easily track and manage multiple posts, but is not necessary to use our free service (premium codes do require a login).

After pasting the tracking code into your Craigslist post, click the icon that appears on your listing to view your ads results (only applies to free codes).

If you register an account with us, visit and login. All of your active codes will be displayed.

Why monitor craigslist ads?

For me tracking Craigslist ads started as entertainment. I enjoyed being able to watch people click my ads. I soon realized the power of tracking my posts and I was able to produce more attractive titles as well as find the best time of the day and week to post certain ads. I started to sell things faster and for better prices. I was no longer in suspense waiting for replies, but was empowered to improve my ads.

Monitoring craigslist posts is not just for the pros. It’s for anyone wanting valuable feedback.

Stop guessing, start adjusting!